Discover timeless images from around the globe







Padre Art

Discover timeless images from around the globe

Vintage art & photos


Padre Art Productions ~ Fine reproductions of vintage art, lovingly restored . . . The originals are much too old and fragile to be handled. Restoration is a digital process using files taken directly from the actual image. The 'Print On Demand' reproductions are much richer than poster quality and each is made from the original file. This gives every print the same "first-run" quality. The watermark will not appear on your print . . . We can create enlargements beyond those offered by FAA ~ please contact me directly . . . All Rights Reserved © 2016 padre art

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PLEASE NOTE . . . Most of the photographs in the historic image galleries were taken over 100 years ago. The equipment and techniques were not perfected and the glass plates, negatives and photos were often stored without great care and, as such, exhibit flaws and imperfect focus. If the technical aspect is more important to you than the historic or artistic please check the full resolution preview carefully before purchasing a print. Take into account that in the larger print sizes the 'flaws' will seem exaggerated.


18th and 19th Century Japanese Prints

Retro Tobacco


Fashion and Fabric

Vintage Posters


Native American

La Luna

New York City

Classic Celebrity Photos

Washington DC

Abraham Lincoln Portraits

Pretty Women

Hatchling Dragon

Steamboats and Riverboats and Paddle Wheelers

Sailboats and Yachts

Americas Cup

Floral Bouquet

Photochrom Prints

Around the World

Vintage Cameras

Religious Architecture

Suffragists and Suffragettes

Wright Brothers

War Birds and Vintage Wings

Earth from Space

Vintage Wheels

1906 San Francisco Earthquake

San Francisco from 19th Century to World War II


Cincinnati Ohio

America 1940


Marigold Flowers

Geranium Flowers

Cypress Vines

Pink Roses

Zinnia Blossoms